Politically Correct. May be the Game Changer.

I am talking about the power of women. I always held the belief that the women are the smarter.

And recently I saw here the link to a Guardian/ Observer article on women power and superiority.

A blogger post wondered why he has more female friends than male. A situation akin to mine.

I have some clear political beliefs and orientation, but the policy is to be silent on politics and religion.

But last night I saw a news channel flash line that the president of Indian National Congress Party writing to his party ruled chief ministers to get assembly resolutions passed reserving 30% of seats to women.

The correct thing being talked about but never worked on.

This could be need of the times and the game changer.

All the best

Politically Correct. May be the Game Changer.

10 thoughts on “Politically Correct. May be the Game Changer.

  1. I think we can state our views without having to alter them to be politically correct if we explain why we hold them and don’t attack others at the same time. For instance, I write freely about being Christian, but don’t demean other paths to God. I also don’t evangelize in my blog as some others do.

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