Idiot Box

In about 40 minuets from now, I will be sitting in front of the television, watching the coverage of the counting of votes for the assembly elections of five states in India.

And there will be millions like me in front of the idiot box.

I like the name for the television set. But there’s a reminder from the set, telling us “it’s like the pot calling kettle black”.

Well, then we could be the idiots. Perhaps that’s true too, judging by the way television coverage has gone in India now. And the worst is panel discussions where a lot of biased noises are made, sometimes by paid participants.

So the idiot box is right in calling us idiots for watching it.

The only redemption is that numbers won’t lie. But really? GDP numbers are altered to suit those changing them. There are noises about Electronic Voting Machines manipulation (the jury is still out here) and now sci-fi allegations of machine tampering in strong rooms with power switched off to cut CCTV.

I hope the stories are stories and only the real numbers come out.

And what it is, will be people’s will.

Idiot Box

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