Hartal- A Paid Holiday in Kerala

Today’s a hartal day in Kerala. That means practically a shut down when vehicles are off the roads, offices empty and shops closed.

It all started as ‘Bandh’ where the proponents enforced a shutdown. That means the freedom of individuals are threatened which is an offence violating a constitutional guarantee.

Hartal is the alternative where it’s supposed to be voluntary, but enforced by violence if freedom and liberty are attempted.

But then, are people really concerned? They are, when they have a personal emergency. Otherwise it’s a paid holiday, or rest when the competition is also forced to rest. Students are happy when schools are closed.

Unless the attitude of people change in a big way, it will get celebrated. No work no pay is a good way, but that requires the government to assure complete safety and protection against violent interference.

Today’s hartal could generate a lot of ill will towards the promoter political party who’s reeling under a defeat in elections in the five states.

And they called hartal making someone committing suicide as a martyr in a protest they are in. But they called for hartal before the suicide note confirming it for personal reasons.

I do hope it will all end.

Hartal- A Paid Holiday in Kerala

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