New on Ageing Better

Aerobics such as jogging and interval training can make cells biologically younger compared to weight training, a study (European Heart Journal) says.

Apparently, telomeres the tiny bit of matter capping the tips of chromosomes have the most pervasive anti-ageing effects. They safeguard the DNA. The telomeres length is a measure of cell’s functional age. (Whoooo!).

The trick is in lengthening telomeres with lifestyle changes.

Then we are told elsewhere that strength training is essential for bone function and prevention of osteoporosis and muscle strength.

I do yoga, suryanamaskar, swimming and weights. But no interval training. Swimming for many is interval exercise but I do non stop, same speed swimming. I wonder if suryanamaskar qualifies as interval training.

Perhaps some adjustments are required.

And then I received a forward this morning. This was from a believer of the bearded guru from Coimbatore to me the total non believer.

It said snacking between meals is not good. I snack, like many health conscious. More important, I am a non believer.

New on Ageing Better

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