Longest Day and Longest Flight

I started from Kochi in India on the 18th of December, 2018 at 3.30 AM and reached Dallas in USA at 14.15 hours on 18th December 2018.

This was after a long and almost continuous flights on Qatar Airways.

Almost continuous because the flight from Kochi to Doha in Qatar took off one hour and 35 minuets late due to a technical snag and with passengers boarded and waiting in the aircraft.

The original transit time in Doha for the Dallas flight was one hour 45 minuets. That means zipping through security to the second flight.

And with an additional nearly 16 hours flying time it was 21 plus hours of almost continuous flying.

That means, I flew 21 hours in about 10 odd hours.

I know it’s stupid like saying Kuwaiti Dinar is world’s most powerful currency since it’s 3.3 dollars and about 240 indian rupees for one Kuwaiti Dinar.

And just imagine the foreign exchange experts tell you the value in the reverse order giving fractions.

Again, India is the only country or one of the few to have a time difference with any universal time zones in fractions and not whole units in hours.

Difficult to fathom, but the only explanation if anyone wonders why Indians are good in mental arithmetic, it’s this requirement of calculating what I mentioned above.

And will know the reason if I have missed wishing any birthdays or good mornings.

Longest Day and Longest Flight

16 thoughts on “Longest Day and Longest Flight

    1. No, this time we flew economy as Christmas season prices are way too high. Moreover the aircraft flying from Qatar to Dallas was not one of those new planes with the fancy seats😊.
      Interestingly flight was not full giving me and my wife options of seats with adjacent one vacant

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