The Great Indian Paradox

Not my words, but a column in a magazine by who could be fondly called ‘the paradoxical man’, member of parliament and former UN official Shashi Tharoor.

He recalled an international survey among school kids in the 1960 where 11 to 12 year old kids were asked certain questions.

One of them was to comment on a situation which was “father and son were met with a major car accident and the father critically injured and taken to surgery. After sometime the door of the operation Theater opened and a white coat surgeon came out weeping hugged the boy and said ‘my son, my son'”

The question was ‘how is it’?

Shashi’s Indian School had 90% of students getting it right. Sweden got 30%, UK 12% and US just 5% getting the correct answer that the surgeon was his mother.

Mr. Tharoor is not claiming genius display but attributed to the many female doctors in the country starting with the first doctor graduate in 1890.

Then he gets into my favourite subject that ‘woman’s the smarter’. A report said one out of every 10 flights in India have women pilots which is higher than in any other country and the world average is 1 in 20.

He observed that Indian women are often condemned to drudgery, exploration and underpaid. But he calls it ‘the Indian Paradox’.

The country has some of the first, best and most of the world’s lawyers, CEOs, ad agency heads, doctors, pilots and political leaders. Like the first Oxford law graduate and Indira Gandhi.

Shashi Tharoor concludes the column with “After all that, flying a plane should be a breeze”.

(Extract from ‘Last Word’ in The Week magazine of October 16 2018)
The Great Indian Paradox

17 thoughts on “The Great Indian Paradox

  1. I’ve always thought that it’s interesting that India’s already had a female PM but a more ‘Westernised’ and ‘developed’ country like the USA still hasn’t… Why do you think that is?

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