Uniform Measures

Metric system or the International System of Units of measurement is adopted as the uniform measure by the world. But the implementation is not yet worldwide.

Interestingly it’s the what’s called the ‘third world’ which is in the forefront of this mandatory adoption.

Take for example the speed of your vehicle. You have it calibrated in kilometres in most of the countries, but it’s in miles in the United States and Great Briton.

Made more complex when for example, my wife’s car in Kuwait had the speedometer calibrated in miles, while speed limits are in kilometres!

And the most commonly used weights! The above two famous countries do that in pounds and ounces.

I hear UK is moving towards Metric system. Makes sense as for example I used to get foxed when living in London, at the Sunday farmers market the prices were listed as ‘one pound for two pounds’.

I used to wonder if it is one pound in currency for two pounds of weight! Or the other way round.

And a complex calculation is required when weather is in Fahrenheit while you’re trained in Celsius.

In certain cases, the countries which are non standard are United States, Liberia and Burma! Please note, it’s not even Myanmar! That tells something about who’s third world.

Then there’s a Paradox. India and other countries which imposed fines and enforced law for Metric adoption, measure body temperature in Fahrenheit while United States measure it in the standard Celsius!!

Uniform Measures

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