Reflections on a Great Year that was…

2018 has been a great year. The year when I met over 1200 friends on the blog site here, in addition to many others in other social media forums.

It was also an year when I stopped formal working and probably decided to turn to passion than corporate work.

Passion is in farming and discovering novel ways to involve friends in whatever we do.

The family with a real definition is on autopilot. Family is in the forefront of all things. One becomes brutally loyal to the immediate family.

Friends then become associate family. Whatever we do with the extended family is with the immediate family in the front.

When you grow older, your ability to absorb more increases. That’s if you want it that way. I for one, want to enhance my reach and coverage and more and more are welcome.

If I quote a corporate principle, we take care of our existing customers while chasing new ones.

Existing ones, family and friends are priceless. And I dedicate my last post of the year to you.

Reflections on a Great Year that was…

14 thoughts on “Reflections on a Great Year that was…

  1. What a beautiful way to wrap up the year. I see a change in your writing and posts. Your posts show contentment that’s nice. Thank you for dropping in now and then at my blog and showing me your support.

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