Cricket @ 34000 Feet.

As an ardent lover of the game than a player, I spend time watching Cricket test matches which are over 5 consecutive days for a test.

And the best of the best among them are when India and Australia play each other.

So I was a bit disappointed when the 14+ hours on Qatar Airways flight from Dallas to Doha on my return trip to Kochi would take one full day of play.

That’s when I saw the message inflight that wifi was available, free for one hour and for $10 for the entire duration of the flight.

I have seen and used the free wifi on ‘ JetBlue’ flying into Mexico last year from Florida.

This was special as I would be following the match in full. So I proceeded to take the full duration service by paying $10.

Though I was carrying a dollar denominated card, the card man in me sounded an alarm! An OTP would be required, available from the Bank on phone message to complete the transaction.

Luckily I had a card with no OTP requirements and I used it. Actually I lost the opportunity to see if OTP was required at all.

The connection was excellent, with some good speed. I watched the match by following the written commentary on Cricinfo.

I even used whatsapp for guidance to see if any live streaming of the match was available and was thinking of hotstar. But then the match was suspended due to slight rain and bad light.

This continued in Sydney Cricket Ground for the rest of the day and I could not have the match to watch.

I even forgot to send messages to friends with caption ‘special message to you from 34000 feet, how are you on earth ‘.

Even a couple of the usual movies were missed.

Some luck!!

Cricket @ 34000 Feet.

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