The Gold Standard in Taste, The Holy Grail in Traditional Cooking.

I have a whatsapp broadcast group titled “Cooking Exotica & Fitness. The idea was to prepare some of the traditional and authentic food that I used to enjoy when I was a teenager and share the photos and recipe with the group.

Actually i never cooked before, and many of my efforts were from memory with some help from traditional cooking recipes from google.

The motivation, however was the taste of my mother’s cooking that I miss a lot. That’s the Gold Standard, the Holy Grail in authenticity.

I must add here that I am still searching for that original flavour.

My mother never wrote down a recipe or followed any book. My wife is an excellent cook with a record of some famous dishes and she forgives me for searching the traditional taste in dishes she’s not exposed to. And then she also learned most from her mother.

Sometime back there was a news that curry was invented in Japan. I couldn’t take it, as I believe my mother invented curry. Or should I say curries, as anything we eat along with rice is curry.

So curry is by my mother and any claim otherwise is like the attempt in USA to patent Turmeric.

I am still in search for the real taste of steamed bread pudding with nutmeg added and topped with whipped and foamy raw egg white, added with fresh lime juice and sugar.

Also the mango thera, chakka unda, cheeda, achappam and even the special red coconut chutney to go with idly and dosa.

There are many more like moringa leaf curry and the all time great, baby and fresh from the tree, raw cashew nut curry.


The Gold Standard in Taste, The Holy Grail in Traditional Cooking.

8 thoughts on “The Gold Standard in Taste, The Holy Grail in Traditional Cooking.

  1. Oh my mom-in-law makes all these curries too and she makes them amazingly well…but nobody can make anything as good as one’s mother, right?😊.
    Would be nice if you shared the recipes you found here too!

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  2. My husband, who grew up in Alabama in the south of the U.S. is always trying to find the perfect peach. I suspect that the memory of those peaches in his boyhood will never be matched by any peach he finds today. Your mom’s cooking holds a similar place of honor in your memory and can never be recreated.

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