Zero Budget Farming.

Zero budget farming is a concept developed by an agriculture graduate Mr. Subash Palekar, and adopted by farmers, mostly in Southern India.

It is at zero cost to the effect that items like fertiliser are not bought from outside. The nutrients and soil betterment are done with resources available in the land itself.

We may say that it is better than organic farming which apparently is not devoid of things like antibiotics from some of the ingredients to fertiliser etc.

The zero budget concept is a very successful one based on the experiences of the farmers who have adopted it.

Two very important contributors to this success are local variety of cow and earth worms. Interestingly one small built cow can contribute ingredients sufficient for a 30 acre farming.

And the nutrients produced and fed into the soil will ensure multiplied growth of earth worms to work on the soil and make it most ideal for farming.

Farmers who have adopted the zero budget farming are experiencing higher yields and profits, significant improvement in the quality of agricultural produce and opportunities for mixed farming for self sufficiency.

Apparently there’s considerable interest worldwide on the concept and organisers of training sessions are witnessing keen interest from overseas attendees.

I see an opportunity here to Learn more about it, now that I am seriously planning farming.

Why not the best way, when you do it!

Zero Budget Farming.

12 thoughts on “Zero Budget Farming.

  1. I practice the same with a small budget as I have to procure cow fertilizer. Albeit a small garden, vegetables and fruits grow with little effort and little money. The soil is pristine and so are the seeds. No hybrid seeds and no chemical fertilizer. No pesticides required if the seeds aren’t modified.

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