Indra Nooyi for World Bank President.

The news of the day is the probable appointment of Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo as president of World Bank. Of course, United States as the largest shareholder practically nominates the Bank President, and the name is recommended by Ivanka Trump.

Most big business are US based and it’s natural that some of the best brains migrate there to run leading global companies.

Similarly, most premium education are also US based and attract some of the best brains the world over to study there.

The combination of the above two, results in countries like India, losing some of the best talents to be subjected to what is called ‘the brain drain’.

This post is not intended to discuss the pros and cons of the brain drain, but it’s an attempt to make some observations.

Quality education is an essential ingredient to professional success.

Quality and mostly the early formal education of successful global leaders need not be of US origin institutions. Examples are Indra Nooyi, Sundar Pichai and Satya Nedella.

However, without a backing from United States, it may not be possible to occupy top positions In International Organisations. Shashi Tharoor’s failure to become UN Secretary General as was when US chose not to support.

I know these are some random observations, but somewhat interesting.

Indra Nooyi for World Bank President.

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