A Train Journey

I am writing this from inside the train on a journey from Kochi to Chennai.

I don’t like overnight train journey, an inability to sleep with the rocking of the train being one of the reasons.

Cockroaches and once an encounter with rodents are the other reasons.

My intention not to travel is usually aided by the non availability of confirmed seats. But this time it was different, and there were three berths available in the air conditioned two tier class.

And moreover flight tickets were unusually expensive and it’s good to be thrifty.

If I don’t like trains, it looks like they also don’t like me. Since ours were the last two of the three seats, they were side berths which are half the breadth of the regular cabin ones.

My wife adjusted to her preferred upper berth and went off to sleep which is easy for her.

I got one near the door and lower so that everyone passing by gives me a nudge.

But don’t worry, I am a survivor. I dedicated the ordeal towards penance for all my sins. The inability to sleep and to enjoy the train lullaby and rocking making up for the many cardinal sins.

A Train Journey

14 thoughts on “A Train Journey

  1. Geetha Pradeep says:

    I love train trips except for the bathrooms, pests and rodents!!! Reminded me of those yearly Chennai/Bangalore trips I used to enjoy during my childhood. Happy Journey!

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  2. 😀 😀
    Between, if you have checked your settings, your posts are not seen on my page. I have to open some profiles I follow to see what’s happening in their blogs, including yours. But not for all the blogs I follow. Someday, I will figure this out. Too busy to sit on it these days.

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