A Saree from a Train Journey

Some of the things I don’t usually do here are award nominations/ participation, challenges and serial types of continuation.

As such this is a slight variation in writing about a train journey on the second day.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that the train journey was the result of an unusually high fare for the flight. That means the savings are significant.

A strategic way to use the savings is shopping for a saree in Chennai, famous for the Kanchipuram variety.

Kanchipuram sarees are for inheritance, the sturdy, silky, elegant and beautiful sarees last more than a life time.

With the result the price also took off to beyond a multiple of train journeys.

For a solution, the weavers from Kanchipuram started machine made, still silk, comparatively affordable sarees.

My wife’s selection of the one in picture is a treat to the eye.

Smart way of using the extra cash by not flying, but going through a pilgrim’s journey to wash off some of the sins.

And the goddess is pleased.

A Saree from a Train Journey

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