Four Decades On…

There are many good friends here who I love and cherish with all my heart for the friendship and support.

There are friends who I look forward to with due respect, and who bless me with their valuable advices.

These pictures and post are out of a suggestion from one of them and endorsed by another.

So here I am, with a photograph on the wedding day and the second forty years on from there.

I am happy to fulfill the wishes of the two proposers, who I hold in high esteem, respect, love and affection.

Thank you from Sunu and me.

Four Decades On…

20 thoughts on “Four Decades On…

    1. Yesterday we went to our home town near Kanjirapally. We are 10 siblings. I had an old photo of us, the second half five. We took a photo yesterday with the five of us sitting on the same steps of our house, in the same position after 60 years
      I don’t know how to send the photo here


  1. Wonderful couple you both make. Then pretty and handsome and now both are so comfortable with each other a result of being together for 40+ years in bliss. Loved seeing you both then and simply love being a part of both of you now. Thank you so much for sharing this private part of you both. Sunu is so pretty ki if i were you, I would guard her with all my protectiveness 😜.

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      1. That’s your big heart which is saying these words….I am just an ordinary dweller in this extraordinary dwelling our Lord created for us. But I am sure glad to be special to a few of you whom I really look up to in my life. Great catching up again KJ. Have a super duper Monday and a wonderful week ahead.

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