Students on Parent’s Visits

We all know that it’s not a welcome thing, that parents are visiting student residences. So it’s natural that this student in France tried to stop them from coming.

But his method puts him in the news. He just called the flight they were to travel saying there’s a bomb aboard.

Olden days also the parents were not really welcome to visit the child in his learning environment. But with an exception. The money was to be brought in person during the visit and that was needed, most.

But with modern advancements in transferring money, sharing credit card limits etc. that part is taken care of. Then why the visit.

They are willing for a brief weekly FaceTime or Skype in a controlled environment. Why take the trouble to travel.

After all, education is about learning and at free will, freedom, liberty, fairness, inclusiveness etc. and why disturb the edifices!

At least, let the planes take off and other passengers travel. Leave the wards to the Temples of Knowledge.

Students on Parent’s Visits

10 thoughts on “Students on Parent’s Visits

  1. Mannu K-Gill says:

    I wonder what happened to that student who had made the bomb threat. Yes, advancements in the science and technology has made our life easier. First, I was just happy to withdraw from the ATM, instead going inside the bank and waiting in the long line. Now we can do everything on-phone or in-line except the cash withdrawal.

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      1. I could see the lightness in this episode more than the seriousness behind it. After all we too crossed their age na and we understand the embarrassment well enough but never would do such a drastic step from them coming over to meet…😁

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