Still An Absentee Farmer

Banana plants in our land by the side of the river. Instead of planting and growing them myself, I have given it on contract for a single crop.

I hope to implement my dream plantations after the harvest.

The good thing about the land is that it’s right on the bank of the river, which has water even now when most of the rivers are practically dry due to the advent of the season without rain.

A beautiful sight when we visited the place yesterday. Though I am still an absentee farmer!

Still An Absentee Farmer

10 thoughts on “Still An Absentee Farmer

    1. It is. I am determined to expand on the small step.
      Ideally a farm lovers group will be wonderful to share experiences and for essential tips.
      I would be happy if we can find a few people interested 😊

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      1. It’s a great idea to have a farm loving group. I have grown with peas, tomatoes, potatoes, radish, carrots, okra, bottle gourd, pumpkin, variety of beans, cucumber, and some more in kitchen garden with my parents. I remember that we used to share our vegetables with neighbors because we were not able to consume so much. Now when we are surrounded with pesticides laced vegetables and fruits, growing our own vegetables and fruits would be so good

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