Intermittent Fasting! I’m In!

A good friend sent me a video presentation ‘therapeutic fasting’ by Dr. Jason Fung. And it was like my story being presented and I got clued onto the 50 minuets presentation.

I was worried about my gaining weight after a good loss of 7 kilos, taking me back to almost 8 kilos while at a strict workout regimen and reduced food.

The presentation explained how the metabolism got adjusted to lesser food for meeting calorie requirements. As such the fat was never needed to be burned for energy.

The solution suggested is intermittent fasting. And along with my friend, I chose the 16.8 method. That’s 16 hours of fasting and eating only during the rest 8 hours window.

After dinner, I will have lunch next day after 16 hours, simple as that. Drink a lot of water and if necessary some zero calorie black coffee.

A joint venture with my friend, exchanging notes everyday and holding hands through social media has made it possible and interesting.

After about ten to twelve hours of fasting there won’t be any energy available from food and the requirements will be met by burning the stored fat.

We are looking forward to some decent weight loss and more importantly, a reduced waste line and disappearance of the tyre made of fat around the waste line.

I tell you, the sure shot to success is in such joint ventures. Anyone interested, please join in for sustainability and best results.

And of course, anyone wanting Dr. Fung’s presentation and research findings, please ask me.

Intermittent Fasting! I’m In!

15 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting! I’m In!

  1. Fasting is a good way..recently I had been to pratyasha nature cure centre in Kannur..they prefer fasting therapy..and was fantabulous awesome..but hard to do at home…as when I cook…i can’t stop myself from not eating…😋

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    1. Perhaps we should have a group encouraging and helping each other. The peer pressure could work and it’s great to exchange notes. I am happy to share experiences


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