Stressed At Intermittent Fasting! Perhaps This Will Work.

Responses to my post yesterday on Intermittent Fasting is prompting this post today.

I am very new to this type of method for weight loss and as usual with me, I just plunged into it with a 16 hour window, without eating, almost 7 days a week.

And with yesterday’s post, I find out that many of my friends are already on it and if I guess right, they got in step by step, like a day in a week and progressing from there.

That’s worrying! And a few of the friends even suggested that I should progress that way.

Then I got on to Google to see how it is being discussed. Pretty good, I must say, with one Mayo Clinic expert even suggesting benefits including longevity and heart health.

But the suggestion remains, get in slow and progress. A clear stress factor for me.

Another warning is on binge eating during the eating window. Well, I am there, almost. But that I can control!

Clearly, a number of participants, including me are stressed out due to various reasons. Me for example being guilty of jumping in full throttle with 16 hours, 6 and 1/2 days a week.

The best way to destress is to have a platform to share experiences and suggestions. So my fellow participants, how about a fasting group for exchanging notes and for holding hands!

I am in.

Stressed At Intermittent Fasting! Perhaps This Will Work.

8 thoughts on “Stressed At Intermittent Fasting! Perhaps This Will Work.

  1. I started this last year and find it is now pretty easy to skip breakfast and have a fast of about 18 hours or so. I did a few full days at the start which I need to get back to doing! I have seen people with great results who have lost 100s of lbs in a year. Worth sticking to I think!

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    1. Thank you Emily. I am sticking on with the 16.8 one, skipping the breakfast which is easy. Apparently most people sticking on are under this routine.
      A few pounds are already off and started to look good too.
      One sure way to stick on and make it fun is to have a group supporting and sharing experiences. I am keen if we can find a group of dieters 😊


  2. I am on intermittent fasting too. But cant follow it every day. About 3 – 4 days a week I am not hungry for breakfast and have 8 hour eating window. Otherdays if I feel very hungry I eat. it is the best to lose belly fat. My Friends here in Belgium have lost about 10 kg or more each in one year. They do it everyday.

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