Twin Flames vs. Soul Mates

I remember getting a feeling of ‘liberated’ when I read a definition of ‘soulmates’. Until then, I was under the impression that soulmates were essentially lovers or life partners.

But this definition put it as someone with whom one is connected in a special way and a soulmate can be a parent, teacher, friend, sibling, mentor, mentee or even a lover!

I have a couple of blog posts here around that definition.

But, nothing like that happened when I read about ‘twin flames’. The details I read on it categorically said it’s different from soulmates.

And like soulmates, it can be anybody but who’s a mirror image of you. Interestingly a twin flame need not be exact you, but someone who compliments your traits and make it a whole.

For example, one of the twin flames can be very religious while the mirror image twin flame, more practical, while still religious.

I thought I would never have a twin flame till I came across this.

That’s item eleven of the 18 twin flame descriptions which read:

“11. You are one another’s teachers, best friends, therapists, and so on. You have such a deep and layered connection that you do a lot more for one another than expected.”

I have one now. The one who discusses health, workouts, Apple Watch and who introduced me to ‘intermittent fasting’ and checks on me on a daily basis. And we fit into definition number 11 and hence ‘Twin Flames’

Twin Flames vs. Soul Mates

20 thoughts on “Twin Flames vs. Soul Mates

  1. Oh this is my favorite topic …. I have studied a lot about twin flames and trust me my friend it’s a tough journey …my suggestion is don’t get caught up in labels . Being on a twin flame journey is spiritually awakening yet very painful process for it isn’t always about pleasent things …..the worst of your fears resurface for your soul wants to resolve all emotions repressed. I can go on about this but won’t spam your comment section. Enjoy and value your bond

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    1. Hello my best friend. This definition gets my attention. I am willing to be a student. All of a sudden, this has made a very interested too. I have only realised item 11 in the list and it works for the fasting part.
      The other 17 are to be seen and I agree some are difficult like you said.
      I am sure you can tell me more about the subject. Is this a connection! a image!


      1. Haa haaa …one day won’t be enough but since you have nudged to go on about my favorite topic let’s at least start😜. ……for starters every soul connection is not a twin flame connection …….and honestly everyone may not have a twin flame . …..twin flame is actually one soul split into two … you said mirroring each other ……one holding Divine feminine energy and other Divine masculine …..which is irrespective of their gender in the 3d world ……hmmm it’s not necessary that they are of opposite gender but they hold opposite energies …..heard about Yin and yang ? ………Am I making sense or have I confused you

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  2. I love this post. We are often so caught up with finding that soul mate in the form of a lover that we forget one can also be like you say a friend, teacher, parent etc. Not to say that a soul mate can not also be a lover, that is great too. But we must be thankful for soul mates in all forms. Thank you for the wonderful reminder. Peace and Blessings

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  3. How fascinating! The draw, the energy that sometimes flows between two is so hard to describe.
    I have a new friend with whom the friendship is extraordinarily strong within one or two meetings. She says our frequencies match and I added that this strengthens the waves of energy we enjoy!

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    1. Fabulously interesting Diana. I hope you will have more to say on the subject and I am keen to read them. That said, I can feel a connection here as at least in similar views and interests


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