Book Review: Songs of Heartstrings- Poems of Gratitude and Beatitude by Miriam Hurdle.

My Review

I love poetry. And I know that I am not an expert. But the skills of great poets in playing with words in a clever way to enthuse readers who need not necessarily understand what the poem is about, amaze me.

Miriam Hurdle is a blog connection. We follow each other on the WordPress blog platform. There’s something common in our thoughts and love of nature is certainly one.

That’s when I heard about a book of poetry, published by Miriam.

The Book.

The book is a collection of a number of poems arranged under nine beautiful themes.

When I started reading, I had the mindset of that poetry lover who gets thrilled with the high profile assembly of words, which I don’t really understand, but willing to accept as a great poetry.

Reading these poems changed it all. Right from the first one to the last, I could get myself associated with the poetess and poetry.

The Acknowledgment, Editors Note and Preface give a lot more information of the author and it helped in truly understanding what the poet is telling.

That’s quite a revelation for me. For the first time I enjoyed poetry by understanding it and following the poet’s mind.

For that reason, along with other wonderful aspects, I would rate this book as a treasure. I am sure to get back to the book and read it again.

As an example the one titled ‘hibiscus’ and ‘someday’ are so very precious that I want to learn them by heart.

Pages- 121

About the Author

I was tempted to copy what was written in the book about the author. But then I want readers to access that privilege from the book itself.

Miriam Hurdle now lives in California with family.

Another beautiful and amazing fact is that the cover design, the beautiful photos and wonderful paintings that make this book really great are by Miriam herself.

The book is available on Amazon and I request my friends to read the beautiful poems and enjoy.

Book Review: Songs of Heartstrings- Poems of Gratitude and Beatitude by Miriam Hurdle.

19 thoughts on “Book Review: Songs of Heartstrings- Poems of Gratitude and Beatitude by Miriam Hurdle.

  1. Mannu K-Gill says:

    It is art describing something via poetry. I think which is not my task but I read much poetry which is very simple to understand but will make you understand many things as well. Kurian, This is so nice of you to do the review for your fellow blogger.

    Liked by 1 person

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