Around the World, in a Yacht

I have heard about adventurous sailors going around the world in their sail boats. But then it’s a privilege when you get to meet them and their boat, to listen to their stories. Simply priceless.

This European couple are berthed in the marina in Kochi, some four years since their start from France, visiting about 15 countries on route.

It was music to my ears to learn that the Kochi marina in Kerala, on the Bolghatty palace waterfront is the only one in India recognised for sailors like them.

It was just coincidence that we met them and we had a trip together to Munnar, the tea garden hill resort in Kerala.

They invited us for a drink in their yacht (in the picture) and we enjoyed every minute of it. Their hospitality was awesome with varieties of French wine, speciality drinks and the lady even baked a delicious quiche on board.

The two bedroom fully equipped sailboat is just amazing with fully fitted kitchen and other amenities.

Something of particular interest to me is a pair of fishing rods and they showed us the photos of their biggest catch, a seven footer sailfish. It took a few weeks to finish eating it.

They don’t have to store much water as they have a de-salination plant in the boat.

Apparently, immigration and customs formalities took nine hours. (It took 20 minuets in Thailand). If these could be streamlined, the only internationally recognised marina would encourage a number of tourists.

There are other things also, like the oars of their dingy boat was stolen. The only such bad experience for them in their four year sailing.

They spend a few weeks in a country where they are anchored. I will be taking them to my village before they set off to their next stop, Djibouti.

Around the World, in a Yacht

25 thoughts on “Around the World, in a Yacht

  1. It must be interesting to meet them and have meal with them. I’ve seen some documentaries about these people. One was a young lady sailing in a small boat. Unfortunately she got sick and the parents came to where she was and took her home. She made video tapes along the journey. She was brave. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Interesting. Thank you Miriam
      My wife is very clever. She managed to get reporters from two leading newspapers interested in the story and they visited the sailors in the boat separately.
      So the story will be covered in the national newspapers

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      1. It’s interesting. The Amazon.IN can see one from India, also could see the 16 in but here in can’t see IN or UK reviews. I have to click IN to see your review after you post it.

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  2. Wow! This what you shared is awesome… Wonderful to hear you had fun with them and u are taking them to see ur native place.
    It’s sad to hear they had some hard times too here…
    Hopefully your hospitality will make them forget the negatives they encountered…

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    1. Thank you Anna
      Yes itโ€™s a shameful thing that they had to face the theft.
      By the way Sunu, my wife, managed to get reporters from the Hindu and Indian Express to go to the boat and interview the sailors.
      The story will be in the national newspapers

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