There’s Merit in Getting Back to Ancient Wisdom

I am not talking about the wisdom of great philosophers, gurus and teachers. I am referring to simple day to day living practices of our ancestors.

Olden times, hunters spend time to gather food for the families, groups and clans. And when the food was brought, everybody assembled to eat.

Probably the hunters spent 16 hours to catch enough food so that everyone could eat for the rest of the time. And that’s exactly the, now popular, Intermittent fasting.

Olden times food was raw, fresh, natural and without external stimulants. We now advocate fresh, unprocessed and organic food.

Humans and animals had the ability to identify and use natural herbs and medicines. Though we lost the ability to spot the right herb, there’s a quest for herbal medicines.

Animals, however haven’t lost their instinct, but the challenge is destruction of nature for them to spot remedies.

And we make a hue and cry about this destruction and replacement of virgin jungle with concrete jungle.

Basically the challenge now is to acquire the animal instinct, back.

There’s Merit in Getting Back to Ancient Wisdom

8 thoughts on “There’s Merit in Getting Back to Ancient Wisdom

  1. I watched a fascinating film about the aboriginal people in Australia who now have many diet related diseases being reintroduced to the food habits that had kept them healthy for millenia. I would give you the link, but I can’t find it. It is well worth watching.

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  2. For sure there’s merit in maintaining ancient wisdom. Letting ourselves succumb to disassociation with “Mother Earth” is a form of suicide. Needless to say the same as disassociating from family and tradition.

    Our being is much more spiritual in nature than it is physical and it is imperative that we “vibrate” at the frequency of life and not at that of “concrete jungles” and wi-fi radiation. It’s time to wake up from the slumber and not allow ourselves to be taken captive by the programming we are subjected to unnoticed by the conscious mind.

    We must consciously take action to direct our being to represent the things that are truly valuable in our lives. Walk the talk so to say. Actively living a life of wellness for our bodies, our minds, our spirit, our families and our societies.

    I found this site to be of interest. Maybe for you guys as well?

    Thanks for your stimulating post.


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