The Art of Saying Good Morning

It’s always a pleasure to greet friends and get that happy smile on our faces.

In the modern era of rat races and fierce competition, the word ‘good morning’ sometimes becomes a fake.

However, very few things generate such warmth and pleasant feeling than a simple genuine greeting or even a smile.

Perhaps, a smile is more powerful. But in the present day friendships, physical meetings are rare and the bond is maintained over social media.

Some of us try to simplify the sweet gesture by posting a greeting with a picture on a group. I have heard criticism of such impersonal act to the extent of calling it a daily bore.

But try a one on one simple greeting. It works magic.

The best is when a personal greeting is reciprocated. But even if the daily reciprocal word does not arrive, don’t give up.

Of course, you get signs, signals of non interest. Just walk away. But don’t get upset, your friend may have sufficient reasons for doing that.

Some people consider ‘happy’ as a powerful substitute to ‘good’ in the greeting. Give that happiness by greeting ‘happy morning’.

Try it, everyday. Let’s have it as part of our morning routine. The few minutes are sure to bring a smile on our faces.

The Art of Saying Good Morning

14 thoughts on “The Art of Saying Good Morning

  1. 🙈 I am not one of them. I don’t say or like being wished till I am completely awake which is after my second cup of coffee. 🙈🤷🏻‍♀️ Not a morning person… Actually, I am not sure I would at any time of the day unless I am working

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  2. I completely agree here… My morning wishes are now reduced to 4 people….
    one of them posts her garden flowers pics, other one is a photographer, so beautiful pics with morning messages…. Just a few minutes messages brightens up the day!!!!

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      1. Sharing our own clicked pics makes the chat or greetings more intimate….. but definitely whatever is the way…. purpose is to be in touch with loved ones and good morning wishes are a lot helpful in binding the bond.

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