April Fools Day and the April Born.

I am humbled by the fact that I am April born to play any prank on the April Fools’ Day.

Maybe not! but I am aware of the day April 1 than most people since I am an April born.

That’s okay, but there’s a problem. Having been aware of smart pranks on the day, I tend to suspect most news on that day.

For example, there was a message on the family whatsapp group that one of the relations got a good job and my April antenna perked! Should I congratulate or should I wait for confirmation!

But happily the news was true.

Then there were two significant and attractive announcements.

One is about the leading beer brand announcing launch of beer crystals in sachets for the convenience of carrying and consuming by just adding water.

More interesting perhaps is the video advertisement of Ola, the rival of Uber, announcing launch of online toilet service in vans. Just call and the nearby van will reach you for your use of the plush toilet inside.

Both videos are done in style, matching any great advertising videos. Both had people and situations aptly described. Perhaps it’s not very expensive to photoshop an appealing video with all sound effects.

By the way, I am April born and didn’t bother to check if either of them is true.

April Fools Day and the April Born.

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