Swimming With Barracudas

I was snorkeling around Green Island off Cairns in Queensland, Australia and didn’t find much of corals near the island.

I do think much of my swimming prowess and went a little more deeper into the ocean than others and came across a school of over 100 of 12 inches long striped fish.

And I followed them. Instead of running away, they started coming back close on my side allowing me to follow them for a good portion of my nearly two hours of snorkel.

It was priceless as otherwise i had only some dead corals and occasional coloured fish.

On return, I googled for 12 inch long school of striped fish in Tasman sea and came across this picture. Oh Boy, I am thrilled. I was swimming with barracudas.

Barracudas are dangerous fish, growing into monstrous size and probably trained their youngsters to move in groups and nearer to shore for safety.

There was only one thing to be sorted out. They were not as shiny as the ones I got from google. Reading on I got the answer. Young barracudas can change colour to suit environment for camouflage. Yes I was swimming with barracudas.

Barracudas are scavengers. Thankfully they didn’t have food in mind when they followed me. They mistake snorkelers as predators and follow to eat the remains of the kill, like the striped hyena.

Most amazing and memorable experience and I returned triumphantly

Swimming With Barracudas

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