Wellness Coach

There are certain good things which are more sustainable when done in groups. Wellness process, in itself maybe classified under the category.

For example, you have a workout schedule, good diet regimen and some remarkable results out of them, then clearly you want to continue and improve on it.

The problem, perhaps, here is that when such schedule become repetitive, there’s a chance that the mundane process gets somewhat monotonous and boring.

That’s where friends come in. If you can get the schedule accepted and adopted by a close group, the peer pressure alone will get it going.

There’s however a problem! Everyone may not be in zinc, and a physical assistance and monitoring may not be possible. This could result in a lacklustre performance by the group in general.

Is there an alternative! Perhaps yes. Here’s where the beautiful gift of coaching comes in.

I am reminded of one of my super bosses in Standard Chartered Bank who didn’t allow us to use the word ‘training’. ‘We train animals’ he used to say. Clearly ‘coaching’ is the word.

One wouldn’t coach the same people always. That means, you have to have new and different groups for coaching. That makes the coach professionally occupied.

I think I have a good wellness regimen with intermittent fasting, suryanamaskar, yoga, swimming, strength training etc. I must say, i have been sharing the experiences and suggestions in a group titled ‘Intermittent Fasting Group’.

There’s is a potential to expand this and become a wellness coach. Something I must work on.

Wellness Coach

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