Being Different Got The Attention!

The just concluded general elections in India saw three southern states not following the brutal majority that the winner got in most of the other states.

I have a desire to devoid my blogs off politics and religion. But this one has a little bit of both as the election was pretty much of that only. And this blog is the outcome of some observed comments.

As such by getting forced to write on a little bit of politics, I stand today slightly small. I admit.

The comments are from very good friends and as such it’s quite acceptable and entertaining. And it has been positively handled by a couple of friends and I join them.

This blog then is a small analysis on why Kerala is different in most yardsticks and more so in politics. And why a catch up time is needed for others.

I had written quite sometime back about my childhood days when Kuttichettan with the loudest voice in the village, read the newspaper in front of a gathering of about 20 people in the local tea shop in the morning when the newspaper arrived.

The crowd used to debate every news item and were privy to words like Perestroika, bourgeoisie, dictatorship of the proletariat and understood what was Cold War and familiar with the editorial in Pravda.

Perhaps it was there the state got the distinctions of being the first, like the first elected communist government, the first to democratically remove a communist government and the first to enforce equality.

Literacy is also a byproduct and is taken for granted. The 94% shown in the comments actually should be close to 100 if not 100. There are many other firsts in various analysis. And the only state where outside labour migration happens even into interior villages riding on wage differential.

But then ‘literacy and education’ and putting it the other way, can there be education without literacy!

It’s only in this state where different political party spokesmen debate in front of mixed crowd and in front of TV cameras. The frenzied debates never get to violence and the crowd mix well though with extremely different ideologies.

Clearly there’s a lot catching up required to reach this level.

And taking an old voice self joke and attach a current election context to it is PJ. Like the fate of all retold jokes.

I know, I have made a mistake of touching on politics and what it can do to people. A reason to feel low on my decision to react on political comments and write.

But then you have to defend something beautiful.

Being Different Got The Attention!

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