A Train Journey

We are on a short holiday in the hill resort of Coonoor and Ooty, breaking journey on way to Bangalore from Kochi.

I used to drive in some of our earlier bangalore trips but decided against it this time and instead relied on public transport.

The first leg was by train to Coimbatore in an airconditoned chair car. It’s ideally suited for the 3 hour 40 minuets journey.

But then, my usual crib! The railway management, located and dominated by the neighbouring state, puts ancient and condemned coaches for Kerala trains. And you know.

The 74 kilometre road journey from Coimbatore to Coonoor is through winding climbs and beautiful scenery. The taxi driver was excellent and came first, overtaking everybody.

We are here for another two days and then will go back to Coimbatore to take train to bangalore.

That reminds me! The road distance from Kochi to bangalore is about 580 kilometres. The straighter train tracks should cover it shorter.

But the trains from Kochi to bangalore take some 15 hours. And there are just a few trains for the thousands of travelers. Perhaps the bus lobby which projects itself as alternative to scarcity in train tickets is responsible.

I hope the recent bad press for bus lobby would result in fast trains covering the distance in say 5 hours.

I am free to dream

A Train Journey

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