Discipline. Which Makes Things Happen.

I would like to give credit to discipline which enables me to do certain things in a good way. And to think about it, discipline has an overpowering influence on my personality.

To start with, my efforts on wellness and better health is built on discipline.

That’s not all, things like why I am a teetotaller, on the right side most of the times, not a public nuisance etc are due to the discipline ingrained in me.

Of course there are other qualities like empathy, compassion, helpfulness etc as positive sides and things like secretive, egoistic, intolerant etc on the negative side.

One of the first deeds, which had discipline as side effect was the getting up early during the childhood years. Getting up early was side effect to the requirement to be at the cashew nut trees the earliest to gather the nuts from the fallen fruits.

That’s because, those days there was no pocket money, but we were allowed to sell cashew nuts and keep the money.

Such acquired discipline is helping me in being strict with fasting under the program Intermittent Fasting, regular work out and Yoga etc, for example.

Here of course there are some drawbacks. While discipline makes you to get on to the mat, it involves an amount of monotony and repetition. I tend to stick to the same sets while on strength training, same type of swimming, same yoga steps, same number of suryanamaskars day in and out, same hours of fasting, same binging on sugar during eating window etc.

Discipline is thus something like a routine. But considering the benefits, it’s perhaps a very important and valuable asset to have.

Discipline. Which Makes Things Happen.

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