It’s Simple & Simply Beautiful

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Monsoon is delayed in Kerala, but it has been raining for the past one week. And I am now on my favourite seat in the balcony and captured this slow motion clip.

Just a morning rain, in the most beautiful time of the year. It’s quite relaxing in the cool breeze and it can be passed on as any other beautiful day in July.

Replay the video and we see what we miss in the overall big picture. There’s a fisherman on his motorised country boat, about to try his luck in the rain.

And a bird making a solo flight and getting wet.

There are moments when flocks of birds in the sky, flying in disciplined formations, migratory birds busy fishing and the local snake birds display their skills in organised fishing.

Then there are coracle fishing families from neighbouring state, the husband and wife team going round and round in the round coracle, a motion resembling the solar universe.

Just that it’s equally beautiful even when these special actors are not present.

Like in this simple clip.

It’s Simple & Simply Beautiful

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