Kurukkante Kalyanam. (Fox’s Wedding)

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Kurukkante Kalyanam is a Malayalam language expression for rain simultaneously with good sunshine. It happened this morning.

I saw heavy dark clouds and torrential rain just falling on the West water facing side of our apartment when I was doing my Yoga.

But it was unusually bright for a monsoon rain.

And I went to the East side to take a look and I saw the Kurukkante Kalyanam. The sun was bright and the rain continued.

I have heard the expression from childhood but don’t know what happens or why it happens.

So googled.

There is practically nothing other than that the expression is prevalent in many countries.

The only thing I found loosely scattered on the net is someone’s writing as follows.

“Just conjecture here, but I think the foxes’ wedding thing is purely the sense of the magical that accompanies an uncommon occurrence such as a sunshower. Foxes have mythic godlike qualities in many cultures…also the wedding is supposed to be secret from the human world, because the rain would keep us humans indoors…maybe the aspect of the rainbow that would doubtless be created by a sunshower lends an element of the mystical as well.

Generally it may be an old legend to deal with a phenomenon mancouldn’t quite get his mind around (It’s raining and sunny at the same time. Eek!). Similar to the idea that the Northern Lights would mean someone’s death. In other words, Nature is doing something we don’t understand, better leave it alone.”

Not very clever, but then the combination could build a rainbow.

But there wasn’t any!

Kurukkante Kalyanam. (Fox’s Wedding)

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