A Rare Sight In the New Age Of Coexistence!

Udumb, Malayalam name for Monitor Lizard is a junior in the dragon family.

These rare beauties are starting to make their appearance, like we had in childhood, thanks to the renewed awareness of CO-existence.

I have seen him/ her and the offsprings roaming swiftly in the compound. But this scene of one perched on the coconut leaf outside our balcony is something special.

I remember the days when these giant lizards were hunted for their skin and meat.

It’s also said that burglars used to catch them, tie the rope around it’s waist and throw on to the terrace. The strong grip then enables the burglars to climb on the roof of the house on the rope, and do the burglary.

My memories are sweet that I had a pet from this lizard family, a cuter and smaller version called ponnudumb (golden udumb) because of the golden design on their green skin.

He used to live in a specially made hole in the compound and used to come out for the small fish that I used to catch for him.

Happy to see the population growing and them co-existing with us.

A Rare Sight In the New Age Of Coexistence!

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