Water Water Everywhere….

Water is precious, the absence of which is the end for everything and too much of which is frightening.

Frightening, well I thought I would never use that word for my favourite element, but that’s what it is now.

I have always loved water, enjoyed the rain and played happily in it.

Actually, water is much more than that. The picture here is showing something beyond just the eye.

The nearer ones are fishing coracle boats. Those husband and wife team are from another state who came here to earn a living from water.

The boat in middle is a daily ferry used mainly by office goers residing some 40 kilometres from Kochi to commute every day.

And the farther one is gunboat security for the vice admiral.

The third boat’s idea is unfortunately more in focus now, the security. I have just heard friends cancelling important travel fearing the forecasted heavy rain.

Schools are closed and residents on hilly areas of my hometown, vacated their houses based on a voice whatsapp message by the local MLA.

Precautions are good and save life. The need of the hour is to find solutions.

We need to treat our rivers with respect, keeping them clean and free of any obstructing materials. These rivers are to take excess water in heavy rains to the larger ones and to the mighty sea.

It’s also important to channel gushing rain water from the hills into these rivers, smoothly. For this, sufficiently large storm water drains are to be built by studying the flow and keep them clean and unhindered always.

Such welcome to rain and water is what is expected of us. Not the unmindful constructions hindering the nature’s flow with concrete blocks and cutting trees.

Mother Nature will help us, if we respect her.

Water Water Everywhere….

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