Sometimes It’s The Heading That Catches The Eye!

I am a blogger, trying to put down my thoughts of the time as blog post in the morning.

I am grateful to the many good and beautiful people who view, like and comment on the posts.

There’s one blog post, titled ‘ Tertiary Education’ which has already secured over 500 views in just over a year.

For all it’s worth, it’s an attempted poem from a ‘not at all a poet’ who tried to summarise some of his fantasies into a poem like structure.

But the title has ‘education’ in it, with a high profile and confusing adjective ‘tertiary‘.

That’s it, all the education business thinks it’s something new and great in education.

So they congratulate me on my great contribution to education and of course give the link to their advertisement, promoting some educational business.

So my poor romantic attempt at poetic representation of a ‘crush’ equating it to a volcanic eruption with lava flowing, lovingly white and bright, as it’s manifestation, perhaps known only to one, is misunderstood by many.

Actually it’s education, and because of it’s exclusiveness is tertiary.

But certainly not business!

It’s a good thing. You know that!

Sometimes It’s The Heading That Catches The Eye!

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