A Stream- It’s a Brook or River! Swimming in it is the Greatest!

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The beautiful river, in front of the house I grew up, is back to it’s old glory in the rainy season. And I was back in it yesterday to enjoy some of my favourite things.

The current is strong, and this stretch is deep (8.5 feet deep in the middle) and swimming against the flow is a challenge and brings absolute joy.

The river bed used to be white and clear with clean sand and polished coloured pebbles. Unmindful, perhaps savage, treatment of humans have reduced the river to a dumbing place for plastic and mud.

But the rain cleans it beautifully. The mud is gone from the bottom and replaced with solid rock boulders with probably a big rock formation underneath. Though I miss the white sand and coloured stones, this is second best. And I hope it will remain so.

My obsession with Apple Watch workout tracking had ‘open water swim’ as the rightly chosen category. But calories were not showing due to some set up error. So I shifted to pool swim as seen in the workout results of the watch.

Overall a very satisfying Saturday evening and worth the 70 kilometres drive to the interior of ‘God’s Own Country’.

A Stream- It’s a Brook or River! Swimming in it is the Greatest!

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