The Flying Fox. The Largest Of The ‘BATBIRD’!

I got him flying solo in the evening sky! Every evening I can watch about twenty of them flying southwards, but never in groups like the egrets or other migratory birds.

Nicknamed ‘flying fox’ these birds actually fox me as I have never seen them flying northwards in the morning like the migratory birds. Perhaps these nocturnal ones might be crossing my balcony view before sunrise and before I officially get up.

I may stand alone, if I say these are cute flying things. For, they are linked to the dark things, like you expect to see them in a Dracula movie.

And then they are or their kind are accused of causing the deadly Nipah virus in Kerala.

But imagine seeing them flying like this or hundreds of them hanging upside down on a single tree! There’s something macho about them, certainly.

I may want this guy on my that black, tight, tee shirt, that I dream of when I have the muscles, six packs and the shaved head- the childhood dream.

For now I have the head done and of course this live picture of the flying fox and dreams are on for the muscles and six packs.

To be renamed ‘BATMAN’ then!

The Flying Fox. The Largest Of The ‘BATBIRD’!

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