Love A Duck- What Else!

‘Love A Duck’

The phrase (as I searched and reproduced here) is an exclamation used when nothing else will fit. Often fitting when one is stunned or dismayed. The Oxford English Dictionary has just one example, from — of all sources — James Joyce’s Ulysses: “Paddy Leonard eyed his alemates. Lord love a duck, he said.

That’s what I felt when one of our guests quipped ‘so you are lovers of duck’.

She was referring to some of the showpieces (as in the picture) that my wife has carefully collected over the years. And yes, they are beautiful.

If I am asked to get some duck showpieces, I would have looked for ‘the loving ducks’ or the oscillating ones. And would have got disappointed when the methane gas on the duck head got over stopping the oscillation.

Here we have some real beauties. And I myself keep looking at the precision and concentration of the mama duck and her two ducklings, sitting on the lower platform of the central table and examining what’s on the carpet.

Ducks are the most disciplined of the domestic birds. I remember some 25 of them of my mother’s collection leaving their shelter in the morning, in two lines, for the river to swim and fish and returning before dark, in the same marching formation, to get back to the security of the shelter.

Proud of Sunu’s collection.

Love A Duck- What Else!

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