Amazon Sales. Festive Diwali Special. Buy All You Can!

It was all over in the news, but I didn’t pay attention till I visited Amazon site to buy a book jointly written by friends.

There’s a great sale going on with significantly quantified savings.

And I did some armchair shopping. There are a number of items with wear and tear of years of use and the new look replacements with attractive discounts entered into my cart.

There was a pleasant surprise when I used my credit card from Axis Bank. The checkout saw 10% additional discount applied, courtesy the bank.

Encouraged I went there again yesterday. This time I had to decide what is to be bought. That’s not easy as the items and categories in Amazon are numerous.

That’s when I decided to rely on passion. Swimming is a passion and the cart got added with a few extra accessories.

Another purchase off the passion was through some permutations and combinations.

When I drive long distance, a tea break is the norm and the tea at certain places is so invigorating and satisfying. Perhaps a thermos flask could get a litre of hot tea lasting for a few tea breaks.

The car has provisions for essentials like a water bottle and it should not be replaced with tea. A flask with a strap could be the alternative. And the coat hanger would come handy as I don’t wear a jacket nowadays.

Checked out with the bank making up a happy additional 10% again.

Interested! Hurry the sale ends on October 25.

Did I need all these stuff. Don’t know exactly. But that’s consumerism. Well done amazon.

Then, remember, I used to win my bread selling credit cards.

Amazon Sales. Festive Diwali Special. Buy All You Can!

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