The Power Of Habits. It’s Healthy When Positive.

To think about it, I have a number of things as routine or habit. Some of them are based on examples from others, many of them are wellness related and some are financial in nature.

If a habit is positive, it’s okay to be obsessed with it. For example, wellness related programs are a habit which I would like it to be a hobby. And I am sort of obsessed with it.

It’s not easy to be on a fitness regimen, but then ‘no pain, no gain’. And it’s perhaps okay to be open with it and publish personal pictures showing trimmed shapes. Frankly I want also to share success and hence the wellness group on Intermittent Fasting, where I am trying to get a group to achieve the positive results.

A habit based on other people’s example is my practice of moving the car forward, first time I take it in the morning. And then only reverse if I have to reverse.

A financial habit is frequently checking the stock market movements and seeing how my portfolio is behaving. I am not a player in the stock market. But I applied and got a few shares in the FERA dilution process of 100% owned foreign companies long time back. And the values now are attractive for me to monitor the index on Economic Times and portfolio on Equitymaster.

Interestingly blogging here what comes to mind is also a habit. The good thing is that no draft or review is required, just type and post.

Love it.

The Power Of Habits. It’s Healthy When Positive.

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