Kerala, It Could Still Be The God’s Own Country.

This is apparently an index prepared in a UNDP and Oxford University study showing Kerala topping the list.

Nicknamed God’s Own Country, the state has been under the scanner of late, even among us residents. For one the infrastructure is poor and the latest ‘highest crime rate in the country’.

But then the lack of organised development of infrastructure could have preserved the natural beauty making it a fabulous tourist destination.

But crime rate! Something is wrong somewhere. And I did try to give an answer to one of social media ridicule suggesting that most crimes are reported.

I also mentioned a news, quite sometime back that Chengannur railway station in Kerala returned highest revenue for railways adjusted to size. Amazing for a state where railway infrastructure is poor and is not the preferred mode of transport. Then someone told me, ‘everyone here buys a ticket’.

Same could be the case for crimes. First in reporting and registering crime. Otherwise it’s difficult to fathom something like it, the notorious first rank.

This then proves. The conviction rate is highest, way above the rest.

Kerala, It Could Still Be The God’s Own Country.

8 thoughts on “Kerala, It Could Still Be The God’s Own Country.

  1. ShambhuSuresh says:

    except from some pockets where proud kochammas show off their nri imports..the scene is bad. but somehow kerala is not concerned. a state is basically running on foriegn monies remittance, tourism and all. so poor that govt is diverting funds via kiifb to support some infrastructure development. its a question of dignity of an average malayali, who is ill fated to be a cheap labor in the gulf or nurse somewhere else.

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