Commitment In A Group.

Team, team and team work! We have all heard this mantra. And it’s very true, in fact vital in sustaining anything, including a passion.

I have been health conscious always. It doesn’t mean that I have done everything to take care of the health. For example exercise sometimes was to impress the neighbour. But distractions many a times got the better.

Early this year, a close friend from Kuwait sent me some information on Intermittent Fasting and asked my opinion of the weight loss program.

More since that I wanted to assist my friend I did some study and more importantly both of us started doing the program.

It was not easy, but since we started a daily exchange of notes on the program, there was sort of a compulsion in doing it right.

And our discussions moved on to some Facebook groups on the subject and we joined them. Being a popular subject, hundreds of thousands of followers made the groups rather impersonal.

That’s when I decided to start a whatsapp broadcast group to give sort of a personal touch in a group. Team work of course.

But since the members are not known to each other, I thought it may not be right on my part to start an open group and the broadcast group served the purpose.

Initially we had articles and videos on the group pages, but now we’re slowly moving into discussions and sharing of experiences. This is where the real team work begins.

Still we keep the mobile numbers private, but mention names when feedbacks are broadcast.

It’s working.

In fact the entire program is working. The confirmation came yesterday when I chanced to meet a few members of the group in a function. All of them looked good and enthused.

There was even a consensus that when stored fat is used for energy later into fasting, the belly fat is used mostly.

That’s great news as one of the insurmountable problems in putting on weight is the bulge in the middle.

And if one can get rid of it, it’s priceless.

Team work is working. I am inviting more friends to join the program. Just send me a whatsapp on +91 9400056031 and we can enjoy the benefits of teamwork.

Commitment In A Group.

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