Sometimes It’s Just Words That Answers!

This is sent by a good friend and it immediately struck a cord. Beautiful words that set you off to a fabulous life.

Doesn’t matter if we can’t read the name below it (Bob who) but read the text again, it’s wonderful.

A lot have been said on what’s really important. Gone are the days when it was ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’. They are important but we needed more!

‘To be happy’ appeared revolutionary. But they couldn’t tell us how to be!

That’s when the idea of self love came up. It’s unique, impactful and makes sense.

Remember the aircraft security announcements. When it comes to oxygen masks, it’s ‘help yourself before attending others’.

That’s exactly the point. We have to know us as individuals and then others will see us and turn to us. Who said we advocated selfishness. It’s just saying that Charity begins at home.

It will be wonderful if we can set the goal to decide our life is our own.

And watch the start of a new life!

Sometimes It’s Just Words That Answers!

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