Learning From Young And Bright Minds.

I just read a blog post from a young friend who wrote on ‘Novelty, Dopamine, Follow-through and Persistence’ (@decodinghappyness) and I am like, ‘I have found the best things to do’.

There’s in fact a challenge to readers of the blog to spell out two things in Novelty and Persistence that could give the Dopamine effect.

And I am thrilled to realise that it is easy for me to identify and they are 1. Acquire six pack 2. Explore chances to act in movies.

Both to me are novel and involve persistence to achieve.

Going for it!

Goal set, with learning from young and bright mind

Learning From Young And Bright Minds.

6 thoughts on “Learning From Young And Bright Minds.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are one of the most inspirational person I’ve been fortunate to know. Your energy, spirits and positive outlook are very addictive! Thank you so much for taking up the challenge and I’m sure you’re gonna reach the 6 pack goal very soon. Hugs šŸ™‚

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