Compassion Calls for prayers and not claps when homes are bombed.

I usually write what comes to my mind at the time of writing a blog.

But throughout the last couple of days, I have one predominant thought. Did we as a decent society showed compassion to those innocent people whose homes were destroyed.

Did the TV and other media played on people’s darker sides to get popularity. Did those friends of environment who showed their cruel smiles on channel discussions, manage to hide their guilt!

Why are we seeing victorious smile on faces of the people, some of whom permitted the construction and others who challenged them for political and rivalry motives.

Even my efforts to explain the innocence of at least the majority of flat owners to a friend from another state, met with a casual dismissal saying law enforcers must have taken all into consideration.

And, will the rubbles create more environmental hazards, further to the toxic dust people inhaled.

There are reports that residents of the place where the rubbles are planned for dumping are organising to prevent it.

Demolition experts did a good job. Even they would have experiences only of bringing down damaged or hazardous buildings, and not elegant dream homes.

In fact, it’s interesting to find out if there was a similar demolition in our country before.

And some people say that, with the change in coastal zone classification, new construction at the same place is valid now!

As such, instead of clapping, and the TV presenters getting excited, we the fellow homeowners, at least in the state, should have been on silent prayer.

Compassion Calls for prayers and not claps when homes are bombed.

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