“The Girls Are The Smarter”!

It’s heartening to see the youth, particularly girls coming forward and influence the world around us.

Shaping of public opinion in India is a case in point. Here again students, and again it’s the girls in the forefront, spelling out clearly what the future they would like to have.

They are quick to recognise false propaganda, photo shopped and fake pictures as fraudulent methods, trying to influence public opinion.

And then theses overconfident propagandists, are silly many a times, unable even to tell a lie properly. For example two pictures, one taken from mirror image showing injury in one hand with mirror image showing on the other hand and arguing that the injury is fake.

They could fool some people for sometime. But the time has come that no one can be fooled.

This change is driven by the determined youth, led perhaps by the girls in the group.

We can see clarity and openness in their vision. It’s for progress, it’s for equality and it’s for good and cherished values.


“The Girls Are The Smarter”!

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