The Aftermath of Demolitions.

I took a ride on a rickshaw (Tuk-Tuk) on way to pick up my car from the dealer service station. We passed one of the sites of the recent demolition of four residential buildings.

I have been upset with the cruel comments from many well known and other people in their articulations in social media, calling the innocent residents who lost their dream homes, violators.

And there are any number of environmental activists in the channel discussions, desperately trying to justify their actions done for cheap popularity.

They are all trying hard to hide their dark side of wishing bad for others and take refuge under the name of clean environment.

The rickshaw driver became sentimental when I mentioned that the rubbles pose more environmental risk than the beautiful dream homes that they were.

He asked me ‘do you think this would happen in any other state’. He referred to some 20,000 violations being regularised in the state of the financial capital.

Also there’s a case in Kerala itself where one North India based giant builder paid a nominal fine to rectify the violation.

And the driver alluded to the new environmental rule where new similar construction at the same place of demolition could be built.

I was reminded of a Europe based architect telling me that the environmental fall out alone would make the demolition a no-no there.

How can I then pardon the vicious writers and activists when they call the innocent flat buyers violators.

These innocent people are trying to defend themselves by citing the approvals by local authorities, supporting rulings by the Kerala high court, banks lending after verifying documents etc etc.

Please, if you can’t shed a few tears, shut up, at the least.

The Aftermath of Demolitions.

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