An Admirer and a Rare Visitor!

I had a unique visitor this morning. Someone who came all the way up to our place and walked through the terrace inside through the upstairs bedroom, past the upstairs living room and was at the door of my yoga place.

A few minutes before, my wife called me to the terrace to show a husband and wife sitting on top of the building. And I was shirtless warming up for the yoga and did my favourite pose usually done in front of the bathroom mirror. I flexed my muscles to show what I want to be six packs.

The couple looked at me.

And then Sunu went down, I was on my yoga exercises with my back to the door. And when I turned she was sitting there, looking at me.

My first instinct was to take a photo, but the phone was outside. So I started talking to her. I teased her that she dodged her husband to come and look at me. She became shy I think, and walked back. I followed her grabbed my phone, but by then she was out into the terrace and climbed down the wall.

First it was the male monkey who came into the lower floor living room, sat on the carpet and looked at me peacefully when I was on the sofa reading. He brought the family last time.

But this time the mother monkey came alone to look at my shirtless muscles. Naughty!

Like in the case of any visit from a female admirer, I didn’t tell my wife. Of course she’s s..t scared of monkeys.

He came with family
An Admirer and a Rare Visitor!

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