A Dream And It’s Hard Journey!

Six packs! It was a dream when I was young. The dream had it’s accompaniments. Acquire the six packs, wear a body-tight T-shirt, shave off the hair and walk around to show off.

Hair is done, T-shirt is easy; but the raja part is pretty tough. In fact, I abandoned the dream for some long time and it’s back, full and in glory over the past year.

I had set a goal, to get it by end 2020. That’s when the Coronavirus interfered. The gym and swimming pools were to be substituted.

Yoga became regular and in full throttle, walking advanced to running on the terrace, strength training is without weights and even swimming actions mimicked on land. Intermittent Fasting gives the required energy to burn over 1500 calories from these.

And yesterday’s raid in the storage room yielded the abdominal cruncher, a direct aid for six packs.

The result is here. A long way still to go. Protein powder and supplements could accelerate and bulge it out! Na, I want it naturally, and maybe with more of plant based protein.

A Dream And It’s Hard Journey!

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