All Natural Alternative to Sugary Sweets!

It was the food photography and details of @neethu.nambiar1 that I got interested in food art.

Here’s an all natural and healthy and of course delicious alternative to sugary fruit salad or ice cream.

Neethu introduced me to chia seeds and the health benefits of it are amazing.

I have chia seeds, soaked in coconut milk and refrigerated for the right consistency.

On top of a layer of chia pudding, here I have scooped winter melon and then some pomegranate seeds. Another layer of chia pudding, then a layer of crushed pineapple, topped with slightly salted and roasted peanuts. Then a layer of papaya. Alternative these till the glass is full. Pay some attention to design and food art.

The result is, all natural, healthy and most delicious dessert. I didn’t even have to add natural honey.

Totally good, healthy and enjoyable!

All Natural Alternative to Sugary Sweets!

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